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Canvas Tidy - Everything You Need To Look Fabulous

Product Description
Hair dryer? Check. Straighteners? Naturally. Lipstick? Wouldn't leave the house without it! Blusher brush? Now, where has that got to? Lost again? Now how are you going to look all rosy-cheeked as if fresh from a brisk walk on a winter morning? 

It's about time you had somewhere permanent to keep a hold of all your necessary accessories to avoid outfit malfunctions and last-minute costume changes in the future. This quirky natural-colour canvas tidy hangs sweetly from a string and boasts five pockets. Two large and three smaller. Reading 'Everything You Need To Look Fabulous' across the top in a black playful font, each pocket boasts line drawings of eyelash curlers, mascara brushes, nail varnishes and compact mirrors. 

The perfect home for all the important bits and pieces that often go missing but are of high importance if you're to look your very best at all times. Never again will you have to turn your bedroom upside down and your make-up bag inside out to find your tweezers, and those cheekbones will remain thoroughly defined each and every day as you know exactly where to find all your necessary implements. 

A must-have for any girly girl's bedroom, hang it beside a vanity chest or mirror.

Dimensions (approx.): H34 x D31cm

Material: Canvas 
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