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Carve Your Own Card

Product Description
Create your own unique postcard, carved into solid wood! Decorate the front of this wooden post card with any design you fancy, let your artistic side run wild and free or stick to the more traditional love heart and cupid's arrow.
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Soft and lightweight, easy to scratch in your design (with keys or similar) and easy to post. Go on, put a smile on someone special's face...

Postcards may be considered old-hat but this new twist on a classic is bound to find a place in many people's hearts. And just in case you're wondering, yes the Carve Your Own Card can fit through a letterbox (we checked!).

The perfect gift for to show you care, it's original, fun and includes the personal touch.

And while you may not be able to stick it on the fridge it is sure to find a place in the heart for years to come.

Made from solid wood.

Warning! Please scratch your message with care, we don't want you to hurt yourself.

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