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Cat Clapper Board

Product Description
When you're out and about, filming your cat, have you ever felt your feline-filming career is being held back by something? (And we're not talking about a lack of mood lighting or your cat's pricey fur and make-up fees...)

They reel in the 'likes' on social media and have made your cat top of the video world, so why not take your filming career to the next level and go professional with our cat clapper board? 

Made from wood, the black and white board is kitten-sized and reads 'My Cat Video.' You can add the date, scene and take of your kitty clip in chalk - not that Whiskers needs more than one take, of course! 

A novelty gift for a cat lover that can help them achieve their dreams of being a director! 

10 x 9 cm 

Material: Wood

Colour: Black, white

Please note: Chalk not included

Suitable for ages 3 and above. 
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