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Cat In A Box Play Centre

Product Description
We all love our pets. To snuggle, play with and generally love. But there is another reason we can't get enough of our furry friends...

There's nothing more enjoyable, as an owner, than dressing them up to look all sweet. Now, this can include woolly jumpers at Christmas, an adorable pair of socks for their tiny paws, or this fantastic invention...

The Cat In A Box comes in two forms. A fire engine, or a 'Catillac' (we see what they did there!) A toy where both pet and owner have fun, the cat playhouse gives them hours of fun, while you get to watch and see them looking cute. Sit back and admire as they explore every dark corner of the vehicle, and their lovely head pops up regularly as if they're driving!

Made from colourful cardboard, the fire engine has a pretend rooftop water hose and typical markings, while the car has a number plate reading 'meow' and features of the famous vintage car. 

...And we're pretty sure in their heads they are putting out fires and cruising down famous streets in their convertible! 

Car dimensions:
 27.9 x 47 x 26.7 cm Fire engine dimensions: 59.1 x 22.9 x 43.9 cm

Material: Cardboard

Care instructions: Do not wash. 
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