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Ceramic Darth Vader™ Money Box

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Product Description
Servant of the evil Galactic Empire and right-hand man to his Sith master Palpatine, Darth Vader is, without doubt, one of sci-fi's most prolific bad guys. 

The unmistakeable costume, complete with domed helmet, is something that will live on in film history forever, and potentially in your own home. Calm down! We don't mean he's on his way for a sinister visit, complete with light saber and dreams of dragging you to the dark side... 

Rather, he's here to look after your pennies! Simply slot any left over shrapnel through the slot on the back of Vader's head for safe-keeping. (We even heard the Storm Troopers are on guard to ensure no foul play!) 

May the force to save be strong in you...

Dimensions: H17 x W17 x D18cm

Material: Ceramic
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