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Ceramic Nose Pencil Sharpener

Product Description
How many times have you been to an art gallery and felt the urge to stick a pencil up a statue's nose? It'd make a pretty funny picture, wouldn't it? Well, now you can get an idea of just how funny, with this ceramic nose pencil sharpener!

The white schnozzle looks like it's fallen off the bust of a Roman emperor. It's got a classical, artistic flair to it that is sure to make a history teacher chuckle. A practical gift that can be carried around in a pencil case and used to sharpen as many pencils as you like.

It definitely gives a whole new meaning to picking your nose! Although we wouldn't recommend trying to sharpen a pencil with your own nose, even if it might look tempting. 

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions:  Nose: H5.5 x W4.8 x D3.5cm   Packaging: H12.9 x W9 x D3.9cm 
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