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Cheese Sponge

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Product Description
Washing up can be such a bore. Your tea has been quickly devoured and is now but a mere memory. Now it's time to clean up what remains and move on! But look at the pile... It's almost as tall as you! 

You toy with the idea of waiting until the morning, but you know that risking that could do more harm than good. So off you go, prizing yourself off the sofa and embarking on the seemingly endless expedition to the kitchen.

But what awaits? Is that a delicious block of cheese you spot, just perched on the side of the basin? Who could have left such a treat? You move closer, your mouth-watering at the mere sight, and reach for it...

'What a strange texture!' You think to yourself, before realising it is, in fact, a sponge! Devastation begins to take over, before you realise how cool the sponge is! It's so much better than a normal dish cloth! 

Have hours of bubbly fun as you scrub away at your dishes with this bright yellow sponge, in the shape of a delectable block of cheese, it's the perfect gift for the home of a fromage fiend! 

Dimensions: H12.5 x 7.5cm

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