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Chemistry Book Flask

Product Description
When their days are spent hard at work in the laboratory, testing and trialling the latest scientific experiments and hoping for that moment of 'Eureka!' we know that sometimes, they just need to consult their trusty chemistry book! 

But this is not just any science book, this is our 'Chemistry 101' book. Filled with everything they'll ever need (yes, ever!) open up to be wowed with...a concealed hip flask! 

Made from stainless steel, the flask is engraved with the alcohol molecule and is perfect for a nightcap after a long night at the lab. The book cover reads 'Chemistry 101, Liquour, A Primer' in a silver font, complete with a molecule design and is sure to replicate that feeling of 'Eureka!' each time they open it! 

A fun gift for a science buff, whatever the occasion!

Capacity: 4oz 

Dimensions: Flask: H10 x W7cm, Book: W10cm x H15.5cm x D3cm

Material: Stainless steel 

Care instructions: Handwash only 
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