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Chocolate Spanner Tool

Product Description
Father’s Day, a day for the men to do manly things, drink manly drinks, and eat manly food. If you have a day planned with yours, doing the stuff he loves then there’s no harm in subtly injecting a bit of sugariness… 

The majority of us love nothing more than tucking in to a nice slab of milky chocolate; it’s certainly not just a female thing. If your dad loves to dunk a chunk in his brew every once in a while why not help him to do so while retaining his super-manly status? 

This beautifully crafted chocolate spanner is so realistic, he could have hours of fun freaking colleagues out at work as he breaks off pieces of his tool and nibbles it. Made with dark chocolate, it is sprinkled with cocoa to give the impression of rustiness and even has a brand stamped on to the centre. 

Just make sure he doesn't get too carried away and reaches for the wrong spanner, or he’ll be spending his special day in the dentist waiting room! 

Made in the UK

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder. 

Cocoa content: 60% (minimum) 

Please note: May contain traces of various nuts and sesame.

Size: 70g 

Store in a cool, dry place.

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