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Christmas Stocking Hanger

Product Description
No hook on your fireplace for your stocking? Worried that Santa won't spot your knitted stocking on the floor and won't deliver your presents?

Don't worry! Simply pop our Christmas Stocking Hanger on your mantelpiece et voilà! A handy hook ready to hold your stocking and wait for Father Christmas' arrival.

With a hammered effect to the metal and a gleaming, polished finish, our elegant Christmas Stocking Hanger comes in either a star shape or a Christmas tree shape. An understated design, it will add a festive touch to your home, whilst having the appearance of an ornament and not a Christmas decoration.

The base is weighted so that it won't slip from your mantelpiece, and the hook is designed to sit flush against your mantelpiece or shelf. The Christmas Stocking Hanger is crafted from brass with a nickel coating, which gives the stocking hangers a brilliant sheen and means they won't tarnish.

With a foam backing so that the Stocking Hanger won't mark your shelf.

Material: Brass, with a nickel finish

Dimensions: Star: H19 x W16cm; Christmas tree: H16 x W12cm
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