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coz-e-reader® Blue Spot Cushion E-Reader Stand

Product Description
There's nothing worse than the charade that precedes catching up on your favourite book using your e-reader. Having to lean it on something, at just the right angle for the light to not catch it awkwardly and, as a result, risking it falling off the surface to fall to its doom, or holding it for hours at a time. 

Well, no longer do you have to panic every time a breeze enters the room, and no longer do you have to perform arm exercises to regain the feeling after holding it up, this stand is the perfect companion for your beloved technology. 

This soft and squidgy gadget has a vintage edge, boasting large white polka dots on a pale blue background. The triangular shape enables you to prop up your device, which can sit snugly in a pouch. 

A great way to enjoy catching up on your book, wherever you are. 

Dimensions: H14.5 x W16cm (Fits all known e-readers without cases)

Cover material: 100% cotton canvas

Filling material: 100% polyester fibre

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