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coz-e-reader® Denim Floral Print Cushion E-reader Stand

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Product Description
Even though they're only small, it's a bit of a struggle to work out how best to hold an e-reader in bed, isn't it? We think reading whilst lounging on the sofa is a little easier, though there comes a point when our arms really ache, and down goes our book! 

Sound familiar?! If, like us, you've struggled with the endless twisting and turning, in an effort to get comfy and read, we think you'll love the hands-free coz-e-reader® cushion.

Cute and comfortable, this lightweight, handmade cushion is a simple yet practical solution to your e-reader-position woes, as it allows you to read hands-free. And the charming, vintage-inspired floral print won't look out of place in your sitting room or kitchen, either!

The design resembles the shape of a right-angled triangle, and features a flat, reinforced, flexible base, with an angled front and a snug slot for your e-reader. The flat base means that it's really comfortable when resting on your knees and, as it's soft and squidgy, it doesn't matter if you lean on the cushion when you're lounging on the sofa! 

Crafted from a thick, cotton denim fabric, the coz-e-reader® comes in a beautiful, vintage-style floral print, with a sleek, navy background and bold, bright blooms in shades of pink, orange, yellow and green.

So now when you're sat on a plane, lazing on a sunlounger or travelling the country by train, you can curl up with an e-book in style.

Fits most e-readers, without their cases, including iPod, Kindle, Nook and Kobo. 

Material: Outer: 100% cotton canvas
Filling: 100% polyester fibre

Dimensions (approx.): Slot for e-reader: W15cm
E-reader stand: H14.5 x W16 x D13.5cm
      Box dimensions: H16.5 x W15.5 x D13.5cm

Care instructions: Hand wash

An coz-e-reader® for tablets, including iPad is also available.

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