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Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

Product Description
Everyone finds going to the loo a bit of a bore. It's something we have to do, even when we really can't be bothered! Often creeping up on us when we least expect or want it to, like when we're in the middle of watching our favourite television programmes or in an important meeting at work. 

When nature calls, why not make it a hilarious affair? This ingenious toilet roll comes with over 1000 jokes printed all over it! An example? "What are the wettest animals in the world? Reindeer!" We can already hear the laughter... Well, what did you expect, they are called 'crap' jokes! 

With thousands across the whole roll, give colleagues some light relief on their comfort break at work, or simply give a friend who isn't great at relaying jokes, a way of remembering them. 
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