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Culinary Concepts Spanner Bottle Opener

Product Description
Does your DIY dad love a good beer? He spends hours in the garage doing…something, and after a long day doing what he does, he’s gasping for a nice cold beer, and what better way to open it up than with this spanner bottle opener? 

This stainless steel contraption from Culinary Concepts is super manly and fits beautifully in to his tool draw amongst his other masculine implements, making it a great way for him to sneak a few drinks in without your mum knowing! 

Replicating a traditional drop-forged spanner, this realistic gadget is a change from the generic style and makes for a fun novelty gift. The perfect gift idea for dad this Father's Day. 

Dimensions: L15.5cm
Material: Stainless steel 

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe

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