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Da Vinci Catapult

Product Description
Wooosh! Look how far it went! Did you see my ball as it flew down the hallway, did you?! 

Surprise and delight your children (and big kids, too!) with this wooden catapult. Work together to construct the Da Vinci Catapult, and then fling the soft clay balls up to 15 feet across the room! 

Fun and educational, the Da Vinci Catapult can help to teach children about spatial awareness and construction. And it’s a great science project to do at home to show them that engineering and physics are really exciting subjects!

This brilliant model was inspired by the designs Leonardo da Vinci noted in his Codex Atlanticus, a twelve-volume set of drawings and writing. The catapult is a scaled-down model of da Vinci’s design, and the instructions come with facts about the great Italian scientist, engineer and painter. Did you know that as well as painting the Mona Lisa (1503-1506), da Vinci’s notebooks contained drawings and notes on anatomy, flight and geology?

It’s a great gift for older children (younger ones will need help and supervision from an adult) and anyone with an interest in science and model-making. 

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Contents: Catapult and small clay balls for firing

Material: Wood

Dimensions:  Fully assembled catapult: H41 x W25 x D16cm
Boxed catapult: H52.8 x W35.5 x D39.8cm

Weight: 350g  

Please note: The Da Vinci Catapult comes flat-packed and assembly is required, however detailed instructions are included.
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