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Dad And Me Book

Product Description
The bond between parent and child is like no other. The reliability of mum's caring words and the security of dad's big strong arms.

You're a chip off the old block, two peas in a pod. You like the same things, building memories on visits to every famous museum, big football match and driving your mum up the wall! But what really goes on in dad's head? Apart from being your parent what does he love doing, what's his favourite TV programme and how does he really feel about his job?

Learn how he spent his favourite birthdays, what excited and worried him most about growing up, and how he loves to spend his time most when at home. A great way of discovering what makes him tick, because, let's face it, he's a human being at the same time as being the best dad in the world, right?

With space on the opposite page, you can answer the same questions, allowing him to delve further in to the world of his beloved offspring. Write the real reason you always try to dodge going to school, doodle your aspirations for when you're a 'grown up' and explain what your favourite memories of you and him are. 

An innovative and thoughtful gift idea for this coming Father's Day, it's time for you and him to really get to know each other...

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