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Darth Vader Light

Product Description
Let the dark side light up your living space when you place this uniquely designed Darth Vader lamp on the bedside table of a sci-fi enthusiast. 

A red light shines from behind his eyes and mouth piece, as if from within his dark soul, casting an eerily deep red glow across the room.   

A must have for the lair of a light saber-wielding, jedi mind-trick conquering super fan, whose room is brimming with an abundance of memorabilia and who wants to study what makes up the true exterior of a baddie. The angular markings of the mask contrasting with the curved helmet are authentic to the man himself and truly recognisable when both switched on and off. 

Sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that one of the most powerful men in the galaxy has his eye on you... 

Dimensions: H16.5 x W16 x D15cm 

Needs 3 x AA batteries (not supplied)
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