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Das Horn

Product Description
Board the longships, hoist the main-sails and take on the role of Viking explorer Eric the Red, on your next drinking expedition. Cheers to battlefield victories with fellow comrades as you fill this magnificent drinking horn with your favourite grog.

Feel safe in the knowledge that it won’t be taken from your grasp as the attached neck strap allows for hands-free travel. Do whatever you need to do without the fear of dropping it or someone stealing it from your clutch, because, trust us, it is that good!

Display your catch of the day on the mantelpiece in your longhouse, using the stand included, and gaze at it pondering your success, without actually having to slay a mammoth or elephant!

The white plastic device, which has a stainless steel trim, reads ‘Das Horn’ in an archaic font, the stand does also, on a shield-like design, to add extra manliness!

You’ll never be able to drink from a pint glass again, and why would you want to? 

Size: 709ml/240z 

Material: BPA free plastic with stainless steel trim
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