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Dashboard Zombie

Product Description
Just what every unsuspecting driver needs during their cruise down the motorway, a brain-hungry, luminous green zombie on the look-out for its next feed. What do you do? Swerve out of the way and try to go around him, or the exact opposite and try your darnedest to hit him straight on? 

They say go for the head, right? Well, with this unfortunate chap it looks as though someone has already had a go. With part of his brain exposed, ripped, blood-stained clothing and a rather melancholic look on his face, he has definitely had better days. 

But gain his trust and he may very well make a magnificent travel companion (the things he must have seen!), especially in the form of this amusing Dashboard Zombie. With waggling limbs that move with the car, simply use the adhesive base to stick it on your car dashboard and scare on-lookers with your interesting choice of company.  

Dimensions: H14cm

Material: Vinyl 
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