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Dear Mum - From You to Me Book

Product Description
We all think we know our mums so well, don't we? But who is the woman behind your nightly meal, your consistently clean clothes, and the shoulder you go to to cry on? 

Ever wondered what her earliest memories are? Which holiday she holds dear, and which games were her favourite as a child? Well, now you can find out, and keep a hold of her answers in this lovely keepsake. The innovative Dear Mum, From You to Me Book is filled with different questions for mum to answer. Each is designed to give you an in-depth look into her life, and to discover things you never knew before.

Each page in the hardback book is blank except for a typed question at the top, leaving room for mum to hand write anything and everything that springs to mind. The more the better, we say! 

See whether you have favourite school subjects in common; whether you inherited your love for tennis but your lousy backhand from her; whether her dream was to be a pop star, too. Bring things up to date with questions about her adorable children, and find out what you've done in the past that's made her most proud. 

A lovely gift for the family to flick through, a tear jerker, while being an amusing read. 

H14.5 x W21 x D1.5cm

Pages: 128, with a ribbon bookmark (approx. 60 questions per book)

Paper: FSC-certified 
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