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Door Knobs & Knockers

Product Description
Tired of having to leave mood-killing notes on the bedroom door every time you have company? Add some cheekiness to your door handle with these humorous door knobs and knockers. 

In packs of ten, the male 'knobs' read funny quips like 'The love doctor is in. Do you have an appointment?' and 'Sex machine. Just turn me on and I'll go for hours.' In the shape of a phallic symbol and in bright pink, purple, turquoise and orange, the cardboard signs hang from the hook at the top, so that any potential trespassers will know to leave you alone. 

For the ladies, the 'knockers' are in the shape of, you guessed it, a woman's breasts and waist. Reading things like 'High maintenance but totally worth it' and 'Go away unless you are sorry and have flowers'. 

A brightly coloured, light-hearted way of warning your buddies to keep clear, these will be sure to help further your woo-ing powers... but we're guessing you probably don't need much of that! 

Dimensions: H26.5cm                                 
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