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Princess Castle Money Bank

Product Description
Is there a house at the top of your road that you always stare at, it's fairytale- like with old features and a long, majestic drive up to it... Your little girl has always been infatuated with it and its likeness to a castle in one of her favourite books. In her head she sees groups of elegant monarchs coming and going in horse-drawn carriages wearing floor length gowns and accompanied by handsome princes.  

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Marrying in to royalty, living in a castle and riding off in to the sunset towards a 'happily ever after' ending.

Help her save for the future while keeping the dream alive with this beautiful Princess Castle Money Box. Every time she goes to put her pennies in to it she can remind herself of the wonderful things she could spend her savings on. 

The baby pink design has a number of colourful butterflies climbing its walls and a polka dot design. Slot the coins in to the turrets and listen as they drop in to the dark depths of the castle. 

A great gift idea for your little one's upcoming birthday or christening, or simply a nice addition to her very own sleeping quarters. 

Dimensions: H13 x W9 x D6cm
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