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Eco Bird Cake Kit

Product Description
Winter's well and truly here, and the chilly, frosty days mean that the birds in your garden need a little helping hand with food. 

In the winter months, your feathered friends need high energy foods, and fat balls are perfect cold weather fuel. With this delightful kit, budding bird-watchers and gardeners alike will be able to make their own suet bird cakes. And then watch as the birdies tuck in!

The Eco Bird Cake Kit contains a bright red or bright blue mould that will hold your suet mix, and sturdy string to hang it from a tree branch. It's made from 10 recycled yoghurt pots so is a perfect gift for an eco-conscious gardener or amateur ornithologist.

There's enough suet and bird seeds to create your first batch of cakes, and instructions on how to create this tasty grub for your feathered pals. There's also a handy guide to let you know which seeds attract which birds - why not get creative and create your own bird cakes? 

Inside the box you'll find:
  • Suet and bird seeds
  • Recipes and full instructions
  • A handy guide letting you know which seeds attract which breeds of birds
  • A unique bird cake mould/feeder
Choose from a red or blue bird cake feeder.

Made in the UK from collected and recycled material.

Material: Plastic (made from 10 recycled yoghurt pots)

Dimensions: Bird cake mould/feeder: dia. 8cm

Weight (approx.): 50g
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