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Edward Monkton Limited Edition Print - Gorgeous Handbags

Product Description
'When the World seems DARK and full of SORROW,
When my feet are Dragging on the ground,
I simply look at all my GORGEOUS HANDBAGS
And, suddenly, TRUE HAPPINESS is found!'

Mr Monkton, you read our minds when you created this little verse!

This lovely, limited-edition fine art print features 4 cartoon drawings of handbags and one of Edward Monkton's delightful musings on life

The print is a perfect present for a handbag fiend, and it's bound to reassure them that you understand just how important those bags are...

Printed on high-quality board paper and mounted; the print run is limited to 12,500 prints worldwide.

Material: Paper 

Dimensions: H20.40cm x W20.40cm

Who Is Edward Monkton?

He’s a bespectacled chap and he’s forever pondering life’s questions. A philosopher and artist, Edward puts pen to paper to capture his delightful, whimsical musings, and he draws a lovely picture to go with them, too. You might have spotted his portrait on the back of Edward Monkton merchandise. 

(Actually, he's a fictional character; Edward Monkton is the creation of Giles Andreae, who also created the stick man cartoon Purple Ronnie)

Curious as to what Edward Monkton thinks about his wonderful drawings? We thought so!

Well, here’s what Mr Monkton has to say: 

'These drawings would like to be your FRIENDS.
Put them on a desk or a shelf - perhaps beside your
bed - and glance at them from time to time.
Use them for INSPIRATION. There is no corner
of LIFE into which they cannot shine the
bright torch of INSIGHT. TRUST these drawings.
They will not LET YOU DOWN.'
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