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Emergency Bow Tie

IN STOCK - Despatched Within 24 Hours
Product Description
You never know when you might need a bow tie. Your black tie Christmas do, that you didn't realise literally meant you had to wear a black tie! Or perhaps a sudden wedding of two best friends that requires you to look your best? 

If the thought of a bow tie chills you to the bone as you remember your younger days spent staring in the mirror trying to master the tying art, then worry not! Part of the charm of this quirky accessory, is that a simple metal contraption is attached, meaning all you have to do is clip it onto your shirt and away you go! 

Presented in a sophisticated black and red tin which reads 'Emergency Bow Tie... For All Formal Emergencies', it'll simply pop into your backpack or 'man bag', avoiding wear and tear, ready to be shown off in all its glory. 

Dimensions: Bow tie: L11.4cm Tin: H7.3 x W10.8 x D3.2cm
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