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Emoji Pillow - Tongue Wink

Product Description
No doubt you're familiar with the friendly wide-eyed faces of emojis. Whether it's the happy chappy smiling from ear to ear, the poo with the smiley face, or the loved-up fella with hearts in his eyes. An innovative way to portray daily emotions, you'd be hard-pushed to read a text these days without one breaking up your much thought-out prose.

This cheeky one appears to have been up to no good recently, winking at on-lookers while sticking out his tongue. A great addition to the home of a social media addict who likes to use this a lot in their messages, the big, bright yellow round cushion would be right at home in the bedroom of a teenager, or as a comedic addition to the new home of a friend with a good sense of humour. 

Dimensions (approx.): Dia: 36cm
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