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Engraved Slate House Hanging Sign - Dad's House Rules

Product Description
Don’t chew with your mouth full! Muddy football boots off inside the house! Don’t leave that on the floor…! 

Sound familiar? Can you hear the exasperated voice of your poor dad? Yet again, he’s gently trying to remind you (for the millionth time) all of things you should/shouldn’t do at home.

Well, brighten up dad's day with this slate sign that reads ‘Dad's House Rules.’ Dad can write those important points onto the slate and hang it in the hallway or outside the front door for all to see. It’s the perfect opportunity for your dad to provide concrete evidence that there are house rules!

The rectangular sign features a cut-out house shape at the top, with 'Dad's House Rules' written beneath. And, we'll engrave the sign with your unique message at the bottom. Perhaps you'd like to write that you'll follow the rules from now on?!

Oh, and don’t think you’re exempt if you’ve already left home. We know it’s all too easy to revert to your teenage self when you visit your parents’ house - even if you are old enough to know better! 

Besides, somehow, somewhere along the way, you seem to have forgotten all of the rules your dad tried to get you to follow over the years...

What Can I Put On My Slate Sign?

You can personalise the sign with any message, with up to 30 characters (including spaces).

Use our innovative preview feature to see exactly how your message will look – simply type in your chosen words and click the Preview button.

Dimensions: H30cm x W25cm x D0.4cm
The dimensions and thickness of the slate may vary slightly as the product is cut from natural slate.

Made in the UK.

Please note: We use natural slate for our designs because we love the tactile texture, imperfections and unique pattern on each piece of slate. You might spot mottling, fine grey thread lines, colour blemishes and fissures and cracks but we hope you’ll agree that they add a touch of character to our slate designs.
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