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Ex Husband Voodoo Doll

Product Description
Does it really strike a nerve whenever you hear someone mention the name of your ex husband?  Maybe your going through a stressful divorce or he's flirting with your best friends? Well, don't tell us. Tell the Ex Husband Voodoo Doll! This chap is the best listener and is on hand to make you instantly feel better. Tell it everything that winds you up about your ex, and stick tiny pins in it to release your angst. 

The red doll has white writing all over it, reading Ex Husband Voodoo Doll across the centre and boasting crossed eyes and a straight-lined mouth, it also says things like 'I want you to hurt like i hurt' and 'stay out of my life' so you can stick pins in wherever you think is appropriate. 

Stop getting worked up and get all that pent up anger out with help from your new best friend.
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