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Executive USB Desktop Fan

Product Description
When you're at the office, working hard, we know that it's so easy to be distracted - especially when the temperature goes from Sahara to sub-zero in a matter of minutes! 

One minute you're wearing your winter coat, scarf and gloves, with everyone who passes asking if you're not staying and the next, you're peeling off each layer, using your notepad as a fan and checking for sweat patches. (You're good, by the way.)

Overcome the dreaded sweat patch-check at the desk with our executive desktop fan! 

Powerful yet quiet, the fan has a tilt feature to ensure your cool breeze is perfectly positioned without getting your desk buddy riled up with the annoying whizzing of a normal fan. Complete with a USB cable, it can plug in to your machine so you remain cool, calm and collected throughout the day. A great gift for the office.

Colour: Black

Fan Speed: 2300rpm

Dimensions: Diameter: 15cm
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