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Extendable Back Scratcher

Product Description
Have you ever had one of those itches that you just can't scratch? Then ensues an awkward attempt at making your arm bend ways it shouldn't as your face pulls ridiculous expressions making you look a little bit crazy! 

Alas, that is the nature of an itch, it's not going anywhere unless scratched! In which case, your chief back-scratcher must come to the rescue. Most likely to be your other half who loves nothing more than to spend their time fulfilling such a duty... 

Time to hand it over to the gadget world and this impressive Extendable Back Scratcher. This clever contraption can be extended to a good 52cm in length and has a curved claw at the bottom to really get at that tickle. Let it do all the hard work without getting flustered in the process and simply push it down to shorten it when finished, before popping it into your bag or using the pen-like clip on the side for easy storage. 

Dimensions (approx.): Extended: L50cm, Retracted: L17cm
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