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Fabulous Flowers Colouring Book

Product Description
Whoever says colouring is only for kids has clearly never set aside a good few hours to reminisce over the fun you can actually have with it. Remember the days when getting a colouring book for Christmas or your birthday was the best thing you could imagine. Unveiling your hugely impressive collection of felt tips and colouring pencils was like unveiling a new building, and everyone had to watch as you created a masterpiece. 

Of course in those days, a lot of the ink would end up all over the side of your hand as you began to tire and resorted to leaning on your art work, while more would spill onto the carpet to the horror of your mother... but the rest would make it to the paper, perhaps somewhat outside the lines, but that was your style! 

Recognised as a thoroughly relaxing task for people of all ages, colouring is now within adult reach. There's no need to be embarrassed when you take this book out of your grown-up bag and start being creative. Have a sketch while enjoying your favourite hot beverage in a nice cafe, or use your lunch break to unleash your colourful side. 

This beautiful book boasts page after page of floral patterns and designs. Meadows of poppies and fields of sunflowers are just some of the scenes to inject some colour into, while you can cut out bookmarks to keep for yourself. 

A great gift for a creative type, get them back onto their artistic tracks with this inspired book. 

Dimensions: H25 x W25cm

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96
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