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My Family Cook Book

Product Description
Are your earliest memories of the kitchen you standing on a stool next to your grandma, peering in to simmering pots of delicious concoctions and her batting your finger away as you dive in? You can still taste her home-cooked hotpot and crunchy crumbles. 

If it wasn't for her and her extensive book of tricks, you wouldn't know half of what you do now. Full of her beautiful hand-writing and photographs of culinary accomplishments, never does a meal pass you by without said recipe book being looked to for inspiration

If you're looking to follow in her footsteps then this beautiful 'My Family Cookbook' is the perfect place to start. Add to your foodie family's archives and create your very own cook book full of delectable meals to hand down to your children. 

This fantastic book is blank, ready and waiting for scribbles, photographs, grocery lists and your top methods. Helpfully, there is a handy conversion table with useful guidelines tips and tables. (This will be a big help when it comes to deciphering your nan's old-fashioned use of the metric system!)

The beautiful red hardback has an adorable white pie icon on the front and slots nicely in to a white sleeve to protect it from spillages… and let’s face it, there will be many. 

Never be lost for dinner ideas again as you enjoy filling in each lovely page with yummy memories.

Dimensions: W16 x H22 x D3 cm. (Space for over 80 recipes.)

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