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Fill Me In Character Poster

Product Description
Are you about to host an event? A milestone birthday party, or wedding perhaps? Rather than having a guest book, where everyone can leave you a message, why not think outside the box and consider this innovative way for them to send their best wishes? 

This white poster boasts the black outlines of numerous fun looking creatures, holding up blank signs. Leave out some colourful pens and pencils for each person to create their own individual monster and write a message on the boards. In the middle of the page there is room to write the occasion, for example 'Naomi & Joe's Wedding!' And once it's complete you'll have a multicoloured masterpiece on your hands, that you could have framed to make a wonderful keepsake. 

With 160 wacky characters to fill in, this should keep everyone busy while the buffet's being prepared or the DJ's compiling a brilliant playlist!  

Dimensions: 100 x 70cm 
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