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Fill Me In Mugshot Party Poster

Product Description
'Thanks for having us! All the best.' 'Great wedding, yummy cake!' Sound familiar? Now don't get us wrong, these are lovely comments but the whole message book idea has been a bit over done. With think you'll agree. If you have a big celebration on the horizon, then why not break the mould and give your guests a fun and creative way of well-wishing?

This placard has the outline of polaroid pictures with various interesting-looking creatures popping up in the background. Arm your guests with a felt tip or pencil and encourage them to draw themselves, a made up creature or even their favourite course of the delicious meal. 

Title the masterpiece in the open box across the top with whatever you feel would be appropriate, for example 'Jim & Carol's White Wedding!' or 'Barry's Bonkers Birthday Bash!' 

A colourful and fun way for everyone to express themselves while creating a meaningful keepsake for you to hold dear. 

With 50 spaces to fill in, this should keep everyone busy while the buffet's being prepared or the DJ's compiling a brilliant playlist!  

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm  (50 spaces)
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