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Friends For Life Mug

Product Description
There's nothing better at the end of a long week than to sit down with a best friend and put the world to rights. Put the kettle on, get your favourite biscuits in and relax on the sofa to enjoy your very own free-of-charge therapy session. 

If you are lucky enough to have a companion with whom you can completely be yourself and inflict your entire life story upon, then we think they deserve their very own mug in appreciation. The day you decided to make the transition from light to dark blonde and ended up with black hair and wouldn't leave the house for weeks, who sat beside you watching soaps and highlighting it? The day your high school boyfriend broke up with you, she was there to calm you down, even though she never liked him! 

The beautiful white mug reads 'Friends for life' in an artistic font. Above and below there is a quaint design sporting individual images of multicoloured leaves. 

Show your appreciation and make your best buddy's day, all at once. 

Care instructions: Hand-wash recommended. 
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