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Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Product Description
When in desperate need of some refreshment, the last thing you want to quench your thirst with is a glass of room temperature water. When has anyone ever said 'Ooh i really fancy a glass of tepid water'? Never. 

The additional dunk of some frosty ice cubes can transform any beverage from a disappointing drink-related disaster, to a reviving revelation of refreshing goodness. And why stop there, now you can make ice even cooler when you drop in these frozen smiles. This ice cube tray boasts four moulds in the shape of teeth and gums, perfect for Halloween parties, create concoctions and drop them in as a cheeky surprise, or shock your friends as they put their drink to the mouth thinking they've picked up Grandad's false teeth! 

Sure to raise smiles all round. 

Tray dimensions (approx.): H15 x W11.5cm

Material: Food-safe synthetic rubber  
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