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Grow Your Own Funky Veg Kit

Product Description
Key Features: 
  • Contains five seed packets: purple carrot seeds, stripey tomato seeds, multi-coloured brightlights swiss chard seeds, yellow courgettes seeds and red brussels sprouts seeds
  • UK origin seeds 
  • Includes starter pots, plant markers and peat discs 
Encourage your children (and big kids!) to eat more vegetables at mealtimes with our Funky Veg kit! Our kit contains five seed varieties and the pots you need to start cultivating your own little multicoloured allotment. Who wants to eat ‘boring’ red tomatoes, when you can nibble on a stripey one?! And why have the same old green Brussels at Christmas when you could have festive red ones?! It's a fun gift to introduce a little one to the joy of gardening! 

  • 5 peat starter pots (6cm in diameter) 
  • 5 peat discs that expand when watered 
  • 5 plant markers 
  • Sowing & Growing Tips
  • 1 x Purple Carrot seeds 
  • 1 x Stripy Tomatoes seeds 
  • 1 x Multi Coloured Brightlights Swiss Chard seeds 
  • 1 x Yellow Courgettes seeds 
  • 1 x Red Brussels Sprouts seeds
Dimensions (box)
  • H13cm x W14.5cm x D10cm
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