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Garden Thermometer

Product Description
You've just heard on the news that snow is forecast for the coming week. That's not great news for your tomatoes that you've got growing on your vegetable patch, is it? The thing is, sometimes the poor weatherman can get it wrong, predicting all sorts of outrageous weather that never actually shows its face. By then you've already spent hours creating a shield for your juicy fruits, for no reason! Oh well, at least they feel loved! 

Keep an independent eye on the great British weather with this beautiful thermometer, specially designed for the garden. Just as you leave the house without that extra layer on, your new trusted companion will be on-hand to advise you otherwise. Alternatively, if you opted for the winter coat on a mild day, it will stop you from having to disrobe on the bus and, as a result, leaving it there never to see it again! 

A great gift idea for someone who loves to spend a lot of time in the garden planting new and exciting flowers and vegetables. Its white face and gooseberry colouring will add a rustic finish to its surroundings. 

Dimensions: H12.5 x W12.5 x D5cm

Material: Powder coated steel case with glass face
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