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Gentleman's Hardware Brick Soap

Product Description
It's ever-so unmanly to wash, wouldn't you agree? What with all those flowery scents and moisturising varieties. What self-respecting man would want to be caught lathering up with some fruity concoction? Surely his natural musk would be preferable to the risk of loosing his macho status? 

If you're fed up of having 'the talk' with the man in your life about washing behind the ears, then this quirky and stylish bar of soap may well be just what you need to combat the issue. In the shape of a brick, the burnt orange colour, indentations and markings are authentic and it's presented in a stylish, old-fashioned box that reads 'Est The Gentlemen's Hardware Trademark... Brick Soap'.

An impressive addition to the sink in the bathroom, this sandalwood-scented heavy-duty toiletry will clear away the cobwebs, leaving him all squeaky clean, with his masculine reputation in tact. 

Box dimensions: H6.5 x W11.5 x  x D4cm

Weight: 170g
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