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Gentleman's Willy Care Kit

Product Description
Facials, plucking, pampering, taking hours at a time to look their best… women of the world put themselves through a lot to look their best so why is it men don’t reciprocate and consistently let the team down? It stops here. It’s high time for the men of the world to step up their game and we’ve got just the thing. Proudly presenting the luxury, the important nay essential Gentleman’s Willy Care Kit.

It’s perfect for the discerning gentlemen on the move who feels his most treasured area is in desperate need of sprucing up. Contained in this elegant set are all the intimate essentials he needs to tame what lies beneath.

Inside this sleek black case is a silverware fluffing brush, stylish shears (perfect for snipping and clipping), a sprucing mirror for checking the end result and a metal bracelet replete with mini medallion that’s ideal for evening wear.

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