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Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Trees

Product Description
He's wanted a pair of brogues for as long as you can remember. Solely because he loves anything and everything to do with the 1950s jazz and blues era and has always dreamed of walking down the street clicking his heels and swinging around lampposts. He's got the braces, the hat and the slacks, but there's always been one thing missing. And now he's found the perfect pair... 

Brown leather with the distinctive markings, the classic sole makes the unmistakable noise as he struts down the pavement, feeling and looking like an old-school gentleman. With shoes as lovely as these, the way he looks after them is very important, from how he stores them at home, to where he ventures in them. 

Help him to keep them in top condition, as they patiently await their next airing in the closet, when you gift him with these shoe trees. Made from aromatic cedar wood which helps to absorb moisture and odours, the long-lasting fragrance will make it feel like he's putting on a new pair of shoes every day! 

An inspired accessory that every modern day gent needs. 

Box dimensions: H9 x W31.5 x D16cm

Material: 100% North American aromatic cedar wood 

Sizes: Large: 9-10 & X Large: 10-11

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