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Giant Coffee Mug

Product Description
We've all got that go-to mug. Whether it's your nostalgic (and stained) Class of 88' mug or the fine-bone china from your Grandma's wedding set, when it's time for a brew, you know where to turn. But when you're refilling the kettle for what seems like the millionth time, surely it's time for a change? 

Let us introduce the Giant Coffee Mug. It's a one-stop, all-inclusive pot of wonder. Smile and wave at your co-workers as they go for their fourth refill of the day whilst you drink from your seemingly endless cuppa. 

Not only will you save energy and those all important pennies, you'll also bring humour to your office. The white mug reads, 'I've Cut Back To Just One Cup Of Coffee A Day' in a coffee-coloured font. With a large handle, you can sip back and relax. The ideal gift for those java lovers! 

Dimensions: H22 x W20 x D20cm

Weight: 2.29lbs

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