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Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray

4.6 / 5

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4 / 5
Gold Ball Ice Cube Tray
I bought this as part of a present for my Dad who is in his 70's. He enjoys playing golf and I thought this would be a good laugh when the golf friends come around for a meal and a laugh.
By Tinxs from Epsom, Surrey
5 / 5
This was a great gift to get for my grandad as he is absolutely golf mad. My grandparents regularly have parties or friends over who are also keen golfers and members at the local club, this was a perfect little gift and something different to what you'd think to buy a golfer. All his friends will love having golf ball ice cubes in their drink at the next party!
By Ashlea89 from Blackpool
4 / 5
Good For a present
This ice tray is really good fun, everybody I have given a drink to loves the golfball ice cubes, I would recomend making the water hole filler a bit bigger, and a good tip for getting them out is to float the tray in warm water for 1.5 minutes a side and they come out much easier.
By Melly6 from Solihull
4 / 5
Good purchase
it is what I expected lasts a long time in a drink, but find it a bit difficult to take them out of the ice tray.
By Rina from midlands
5 / 5
Hit a Round Golf Ball Ice 'Cube'!
Sorry to interject this, as not per say a review, but back in 1975 I found that hitting a regular ice cube will leave a small mound of crushed ice on your club! Tells you where you impacted. Course you could still be slicing all to heck, who knows, as the spray of crushed ice just goes out in many directions. I wouldn't do this with my $250 Ping or whatever, but try it with old clubs.
By ShaggyBuffalo from Norman, OK
5 / 5
What Nice Icy Ball's
These were a gift, and I still haven't seen them in action, but I believe that they work very well and produce the desired round Ice cubes, that look like golf balls. They were well received, so I would recommend them to others.
By Dazz from Hurstpier Point, West Sussex