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Golf Umbrella

Product Description
When rain stops play it really dampens your spirit and ruins your flow. When you're revved up for a session on the fairway, and you feel like it's going to be your day, the last thing you need is a water-logged green!

The innovative design of this black umbrella means that when it's closed it doubles up as a club. Simply wrap it up and flip it round for the ultimate 2-in-1 sporting gadget. And when it rains, open it up and protect yourself with its large canopy. Keep yourself dry as you wander the circuit, or practice your impressive swing in the clubhouse while you wait for the dark clouds to clear. 

A great gift for a golfing enthusiast, it may not compete with their beloved club collection, but it'll be sure to lighten the mood when their technique hits turbulence! 

Dimensions: Diameter (when open): 101.6cm

Material: Fibreglass/Silicone/Plastic

Weight: 1.19 lbs.

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