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Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden Kit

Product Description
Fancy a Cucamelon Martini? A glass of sweet, Borage Tea Punch? A refreshing Fool's Fairy? 

Create show-stopping cocktails using ingredients you've grown at home with this fun, cocktail gardening kit!

Containing seeds, pots, peat, and tips on how to grow the plants, this Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden Kit is a brilliant gift for a green-fingered friend who also loves a tipple.

With drinks recipes created by an award-winning mixologist, once the gardener has cultivated their plants, they can try their hand at blending and creating their own cocktails. A Cucabubble or Summer Calypso, anyone?!

The Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden Kit contains starter pots for the plants but, once they've grown, the herbs can be planted in containers on a patio or balcony, or planted in the garden. The kit is a fun gift for someone who's just moved into their first flat, and for anyone who doesn't have a huge space to grow plants.

The plants they can grow in their cocktail garden are:

  • Cucamelon: The size of a grape and with a similar colour and pattern to a watermelon, this little green fruit tastes like a cucumber with the zing of a ripe lime
  • Blue borage: With deep blue flowers, the plant has bright green leaves that will add an aromatic cucumber-like taste to your drink
  • Lime basil: This refreshing herb blends the traditional scent of basil with an uplifting citrus aroma, which adds a zesty lime note drinks
  • Agastache: This richly scented plant has deep purple flowers, and the leaves add an aromatic, sweet liquorice-like taste to your drink
  • Mint: Sweet and revitalising, and ideal for adding a refreshing edge to everything from water to lemonade
  • Lemon balm: The bright green leaves have an invigorating citrus aroma when crushed, and will add a hint of lemon to your drink
And once the plants start to grow, the leaves and fruit can be used to create a refreshing Cucamelon Martini, Borage Tea Punch or a Fool's Fairy, and many more. With the enclosed leaflet featuring 18 different cocktail recipes that can be created at home, your gardener is bound to find one that they like!

The Cocktail Garden Kit contains six seed varieties and the pots the recipient needs to start cultivating their own little multicoloured allotment but please remember that weather and soil conditions will affect how the seeds grow.

Contents: 6 x packets of seeds; 6 x peat starter pots; 6 x peat discs that expand when watered; 6 x plant markers; sowing & growing tips; leaflet with 18 cocktail recipes (with photographs of each cocktail and full instructions on how to make syrups)

Seeds: 1 packet cucamelon seeds; 1 packet blue borage seeds; 1 packet lime basil seeds; 1 packet agastache seeds; 1 packet of mint seeds; 1 packet of lemon balm seeds 

Dimensions (box): H12 x W10 x D14cm

Weight (boxed): 159g
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