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Grow Your Own Gourmet Flower Kit

Product Description
Brighten up mealtimes with a sprinkling of edible flowers! Add a splash of bright orange-yellow to a green salad with a nasturtium, or try topping a freshly-baked Victoria sponge with the deep pink blooms of a Dianthus 'sugar baby'. With unusual textures and flavours, these edible flowers are a delightful way to add a little something extra to a favourite recipe.

A brilliant kit for both keen cooks and gardeners, this gift set contains everything they need to grow edible flowers, which will add a charming, finishing touch to those culinary delights!

With seeds, pots, peat, and tips on how to grow the plants included in the box, this Grow Your Own Gourmet Flower Kit contains starter pots for the plants but, once they've grown, the herbs can be planted in containers on a patio or balcony, in a window box, or planted in the garden. It's a fun gift for someone who's just moved into their first flat, and for anyone who doesn't have a huge space to grow plants and flowers.

And once the plants start to grow, the flowers can be used to add a splash of colour and intriguing flavour to salads, cakes, and any other sweet or savoury dishes they choose! 

The Gourmet Flower Kit contains six seed varieties and the pots the recipient needs to start cultivating their own little edible allotment but please remember that weather and soil conditions will affect how the seeds grow.

Contents: 6 x packets of seeds; 6 x peat starter pots; 6 x peat discs that expand when watered; 6 x plant markers; leaflet with sowing & growing tips

Seeds: 1 packet French marigold red brocade seeds; 1 packet cornflower blue boy seeds; 1 packet calendula orange king seeds; 1 packet Dianthus sugar baby seeds; 1 packet of nasturtium jewel mix seeds; 1 packet of wild pansy seeds 

Dimensions (box): H12 x W10 x D14cm

Weight (boxed): 159g
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