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Grow Your Own Plants - Egglings

Product Description
If they love nothing more than pottering around the garden, tending to their tomatoes and preening their peonies, it sounds like you've got a bit of a green thumb on your hands! 

Yet when their garden is filled with roses, petunias and rhododendrons, why not make their crop stand out from their neighbouring crowds with our egglings plants? Made in Japan, the eggling is made up of a white bisque and looks just like an extra large egg. Once cracked, however, the shell opens up to reveal a peat mixture and seeds ready to sow as well as a terracotta tray and extra seeds. 

With a choice of either basil, cactus, red pepper or wild strawberry, there's a great choice of unique seeds that will definitely have them being the envy of the gardening show! A fun gift, whatever the occasion!

Material: White bisque

Plant Options: Basil, Cactus, Red Pepper or Wild Strawberry

Contents: 1x Egg, Peat Mixture, Seeds, Tray 

Dimensions: Height: 5.4cm, Diameter: 4.8cm (approx.)

Made in Japan
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