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Gummy Bear Chair

Product Description
There's nothing quite like the warm and fluffy embrace of your favourite teddy bear, is there? And what could be better than such a hug, accompanied by a packet of your favourite sweets? Not much! 

This humorous inflatable arm chair looks much like a giant red gummy bear. Enough to get those juices flowing, you can sit back and relax with your favourite television programmes as your recline with this chewy companion. The arms of the chair are also the arms of the bear, so it looks as though the two of you are locked in a loving embrace, and as you go to take a seat it'll feel like you're falling into the giant tummy of the fruity chew!

Suitable for children and adults, you can easily blow it up with the included foot pump. 

After all that talk of juicy goodness, we feel inclined to tell you not to actually eat the chair... perhaps treat yourself to a packet of sweet treats to enjoy while your relax instead! 

Material: PVC

Size: Big enough for children and adults 

Includes a foot pump
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