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Happy Jackson Glasses Case

Product Description
Do you constantly find yourself blindly searching the bedroom, arms stretched out in front of you, looking for your glasses?

After a few minutes of constant searching, you take a seat on the bed for a moment to reflect on where you last saw them, only to hear that dreaded crunching noise that is your specs snapping under your weight. 

Another pair bites the dust. 

That's it, enough is enough. It's time to invest in a glasses case. You've put it off for long enough, your bank account can't take the hit again and you don't want to get stuck rocking your old pair that you've had since the '80s, right? 

Spectacle cases need not be an eye sore, proof being this adorable Happy Jackson case reading 'Instant Genius: Just Add Glasses'. Evidence for the argument that people who wear glasses do instantly look clever!

The turquoise design boasts a small yellow star with white handwriting. Open up for some more bright sunny yellow, something lovely to look at when you're having a grey day, whilst being a colour that's easy to spot in the blurry haze that accompanies your life without glasses. 

A great gift idea for your bespectacled pal, or simply a gift from you to you. 

Please note: The glasses shown in the images are not included.
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