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Heat 'n' Eat Popcorn Maker

Product Description
Let's all admit it...When we look forward to going to the cinema, the film is the last thing on our minds, isn't it? What we're actually looking forward to, is the snack we're going to gorge on!

And, really, there's only one winner, isn't there? Yes, that's right! Popcorn! 

Have you always wondered why watching a flick at home isn't quite as fun as when you're at the cinema? We think it's because you don't have a tasty bowl of freshly-popped buttery deliciousness to sink your hand into! 

Fear not! We have all you need to transform your living room into the best cinema screen you've ever been to (well, sort of...) This Heat 'n' Eat popcorn maker, complete with measurer, can be pushed into the microwave so you can have hot and fresh popcorn whenever you fancy it. 

And no, you don't have to be watching a film...

Dimensions (approx.): W19.5cm x D12.5cm (Measurer: W6.8cm x D5.7cm)

Cooking Guidelines: Use the Heat'n'Eat measuring cup to cook the perfect amount of corn. Simply add the kernels and attach the cup back on to the lid. Then season them with your chosen flavours and enjoy! Oh, and there's no need for oil, so you don't have to feel guilty!

Please note: 

The Heat'n'Eat Popcorn Maker is for use in the microwave only and is not oven safe. 

Dishwasher safe.

Kernels not included. 
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